Walk For Syria/Turkey.



The economic crash in the Mediterranean country has impacted all sectors of its society. Children suffer the consequences of one of the worst crises in history in different aspects of their lives, but their education is seriously at risk. 

According to UNICEF, 15% of families in Lebanon have stopped their children’s education. More than 700,000 kids are at risk of never returning to a classroom due to rising poverty, while thousands have dropped out of school to engage in child labor or get married. 

The lack of education can have traumatizing implications for these children. In the short term, it can lead to learning loss, mental distress, exposure to violence, and reduced development of social skills.

Current need

Our current need to sponsor 50 children at $50 per child per month is $30,000. We invite you to share your blessings with these children so that we can improve their future. We are looking for 50 sponsors annual sponsors at the cost of $50 a month.

Future Goal