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My heart was bursting with happiness and gratitude as I stepped into our GiveLight home in Morocco.  Perched on a foothill overlooking the Algerian mountains in the city of Oujda, it reflects the love with which it was built. The mountain air was fresh, the birds were chirping, and the clouds were floating against the clear blue sky like gigantic cotton candy. I felt like I was floating amongst those clouds.

There are about ten workers bustling around the house – some installing tiles on the floor, some setting up gas lines for the stove, and some planting palm trees in the garden. 

givelight children orphans africa morocco home construction

We have been blessed to be able to raise more than 95% of the funds needed for the construction, and we are grateful first and foremost to our Merciful Creator and next to all our generous friends. 

To get to the finish line, we still need the following items.  You can donate here any amount you like and indicate where you want us to allocate the funds.

1. Construction – $50K

2. Furniture: you can sponsor a custom-made redwood bed for $250 – we need a total of 40.

3. Appliances: industrial stoves, fridges and working tables – $5000

4. Washing Machines and Dryers – $3000

5. Garden: olive trees and palm trees at $40 each – we need 30.

6. Water Foundation (Moroccan Tiles 3m x 3m for the garden) – $2000

7. Books for the Library – $1000

We have learned that promising an exact target date is quite impossible in Morocco.  We have a system in place, however, to ensure that our home will be ready for our precious children by this coming July, God willing.

Please click here to see pictures of our home, and click here to support this project.  Thank you for sharing our passion and for joining us on this beautiful journey.

With God’s will, we cannot wait to share the great news of the grand opening of our Morocco home – our castle on a cloud – in the next few months!

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givelight children orphans morocco home new construction

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