Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Despite the pouring rain and gusty winds, many sisters attended the MCA Women’s Committee’s first Potluck with a Purpose on Saturday, Dec 3, 2022. The first of a quarterly initiative to promote sisterhood and raise awareness about local charities, it turned out to be a great success! The charity showcased this month was Givelight Foundation.

The program began with a heart-warming Quranic recitation by Sister Shagufta followed by an icebreaker activity. New friendships were formed and bonding became apparent as sisters shared their funny, embarrassing, and inspirational memories with each other. The delicious table spread that spanned from South Asian Pulao to Middle Eastern Baklava perfectly complimented the exquisite floral arrangements that sat on each table. The dishes represented the unique diversity and incredible talent of our community.

As participants got their food and settled down, a video was played about Givelight’s first orphanage in Indonesia. Sister Dian Alyan, Givelight’s founder, later took the stage and talked about her journey from being a world-class consultant to finding her true passion. What started as a tragic loss of forty relatives due to a tsunami gave birth to the beautiful idea of Givelight Foundation – a foundation that supports orphans worldwide. She spoke about her journey and making sincere dua during Hajj to Allah SWT to fill the emptiness in her life. “When you take one step towards Allah, Allah SWT takes ten steps towards you,” she said, wiping the tears off her face. Givelight, in a short span, has now expanded to fourteen orphanages all around the world. They had their first graduates going to law school and other rewarding professions. People working for the orphanages are carefully vetted and impromptu visits are made frequently to ensure adherence to the rules and the kind treatment of children.

“If you give in the way of Allah, Allah SWT gives back ten-folds,” Dian reflected about the generous donors who continue to support Givelight without having even met her once. She encouraged participants to find their passion, use their talent and work hard towards gaining clarity in their lives.

“Sister Dian’s story was very inspiring—I loved how she described her faith in Allah SWT as being the most important foundation of her success and how it keeps her determined. I also admired her creativity in utilizing any talent that comes her way MashaAllah to do more to give back across the globe” said Sister Misbah, a local Bay Area mom of two girls.

In a world of unending turmoil, find your strength, identity your talents, and join Givelight to support those who need it the most.

Written by Muryum Siddiqui

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