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 Our much-anticipated event after three years, The GiveLight Global Bistro, was the talk of the town!

Three months in the planning, the dedicated Bistro Teams' hard work paid off. The Décor Team transformed the venue into a chic and sophisticated setting, a scene from a European promenade. Over 300 people came out on a beautiful sunny day at the Prospect Community Center, Saratoga, to support their love for the GiveLight children all over the world.

Home chefs from every continent showed off their talents. From delicate sweet pistachio macarons and tiramisu from Europe, fresh hot falafels and lamb couscous from The Middle East to coconut banana pudding and spicy and sour papaya salad from Asia. The guests were spoiled for choice!

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For more excitement, home chefs were given the opportunity to compete in a salad and dessert competition. Fattoush salad, refreshing kale salad, healthy quinoa tabbouleh, were just some of the salads to taste and judge. The desserts were in abundance, Russian honey cake, tiramisu cake, rusmalai tres leche, kunafa….just to name a few, were beautifully presented to taste and judge!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Dessert competition winners are as follows:

1. Aisha for Russian Honey Cake

2. Siti Zaleha for Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake

3. Zeba Siddiqui and Marketa Saci, both for Tiramisu

Salad competition winners are as follows:

Two 1st place winners 1. Fareena Syed for Tabbouleh and Basil Hashem for Fattoush

2. Sameena Chisty for Kale Salad

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The sponsorship team did an outstanding job in securing amazing sponsors/donors, Port of Peri-Peri, Philz, Layla’s Delicacies, Inkreates, Pint of Joy, Karimi Restaurant, The Sweet Spot, Trader Joes, Sprouts, Nothing Bundt Cake, Wabry Organic Syrup.

Aside from the amazing food, there were many activities for children, including cookie decorating, a t-shirt decorating workshop, face painting.

Young talented children from Indonesia, The Nusantara Ensemble, performed a few nasheeds/songs and had the audience also singing along.

The Bistro would not be complete without Natasha Tufail, our passionate GiveLight supporter, offering her beautiful and stunning centerpiece cake for the event.

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A huge Thank You to our photographer, Samsuddin Kamis, who is so talented and is passionate about GiveLight. Please check out our entire Bistro Album for more amazing and happy captures.


“It has been a pleasure to be part of the GiveLight Bistro team, to see so many people coming together from different cultures for a very noble cause to support the orphans who are the most deserving of our effort, love, and support. The Global Bistro showcased the talents, hard work, and diversity of the community's outstanding chefs, bakers, and artists. Their dedication to the cause through time and effort was the linchpin of this endeavor. It was heartwarming for me to see the community coming together in a joyous setting and enabling a better future for children.” ~Amna Qureshi

I’ve been part of the Bistro team for a few years now, what I love about being part of it the most is that it brings together people from all the cultures around the globe under one roof to share their love of giving for this beautiful cause to support GL orphans - I look forward to helping out every year and getting together with the team involved to plan n execute the event - it’s always a truly rewarding experience which keeps me smiling for days that I was able to contribute towards this cause close to our hearts - ~Sadaf Hussaini

"My name is Aisha Mohideen. I’m 18 years old and a senior in high school. I’ve been involved with GiveLight for the past couple of years through Project Inspire; I teach girls from Bangladesh English and acting. I’ve loved my time being involved with GiveLight so when I heard about the Bistro I got excited to be a part of it especially because I love baking. I made three desserts completely from scratch: cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones, and Russian honey cake. Since it was a global bistro I decided to make three items from three countries (America, England, and Russia). I started baking at around 11 PM on the Friday before the event and stopped at 2:30 AM. I continued from 7:30 AM the following Saturday and finished at 2 PM. When we arrived at check-in I wasn’t planning on entering the competition – I honestly did not think I’d have a shot at winning. However, my mom and the lady checking us in convinced me to submit my Russian honey cake for the competition. A few hours went by and I went to check on the cake. To my surprise, almost half of it was already gone! I was really grateful that people were enjoying my cake. Towards the end of the event, I sold out on all the cinnamon rolls and the scones, and the cake was completely gone. That’s when the winners were about to be announced. I stood waiting for the names to be called, still not expecting I’d even make it in the top three. The first name to be called was “Aisha” and I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock but I was really happy and grateful. All that hard work definitely paid off and I was able to donate all the proceeds to GiveLight." ~Aisha Mohideen

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Thank you to our Event team for their dedication and hard work!

 Written by: Fareena Syed