Global Walk

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This past March, GiveLight supporters from all over the world participated in the Second Annual Virtual GiveLight Walk. Participants included 71 teams, including 11 teams from the GiveLight homes, with a total of more than 300 participants. This year’s theme was the same as last year, “Chase the Light”, in the spirit of being a beacon of hope through movement for the GiveLight cause.

Greetings Teams!

Collectively, we walked 8713.09 miles and raised $51,000 so far (including $15K matching) over the last 8 days. We had 60 teams representing 4 continents and 11 teams from our global homes participating.

To put that into perspective the miles based distance from California to South Africa is 7134.8 miles supporting our new Capetown GiveLight Home - Amazing!

Click to see the results for all days of the walk.

Greetings of Peace everyone!

Thank you for signing up for our second annual virtual Global Walk/Run.

This is a competition between GiveLight chapters, homes, volunteers and supporters across the world and will take place from March 5th to March 12th.

Welcome to all the teams!

Thank you again for registering for the Chase the Light event. We appreciate your support and hope that you take this opportunity to get healthy, connect with friends and family but more importantly have fun, stay safe and keep a positive attitude!

By participating in this event, you and all members of your team agree to accept all rules and guidelines set forth