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By Dian Alyan

Malaysia Home

A few years ago, a long-time supporter of Givelight traveled to Malaysia for work, where he came across an orphanage managed by a dedicated team of volunteers. He encouraged GiveLight’s team to meet with the group of volunteers who, surprisingly, were visiting the Bay Area from Kuala Lumpur in early 2022. Upon meeting with the volunteers, the GiveLight team realized their mission and philosophy aligned with one another. Soon after, GiveLight started sponsoring their children’s iftar (breaking of the fast meal) in Ramadan and their new clothes for the Eid ul-Fitr celebration. Later that summer, GiveLight’s founder Dian Alyan visited the orphanage along with 10 GiveLight volunteers.  



Below is Dian’s account from that trip:

As we drove into the driveway of Rumah Kasih in Paya Jaras, I immediately felt at home. The heat of the day, the smiles of the children, and the warm welcome from Jamal and his staff were all too familiar. We greeted each other in Malay, similar to Indonesian, my mother tongue, and enjoyed a cool and refreshing welcome drink. The kids began to line up, and within minutes, they performed a welcome ceremony with drums and martial arts called “pencak silat.” We then proceeded to a hall where all 100+ children were seated, waiting for us.

The program started with a beautiful recitation of the Quran, followed by a presentation about the orphanage and more performances. Then came my turn to say a few words; in my speeches, I always include motivating and inspiring words when I am with the children.

I spoke in Malay and felt an immediate connection with the children. I quizzed them and gave them a chance to ask me questions. I asked them who has memorized the Quran, and one boy raised his hand. We read Surah “Ar Rahman” together; it was a beautiful experience. Soon after, it was time to pray the noon prayer, so we all rushed to do our ablution before praying together in the lovely space next to the outdoor auditorium.

After prayers, we proceeded to the courtyard, where I asked the boys to show me more pencak silat moves. We all laughed so hard when I made a mistake doing some moves. I offered to teach them some yoga which they all obliged happily. They all giggled when many could not hold “the tree pose” well and started to sway left and right.

Then, we had an elaborate lunch together. After lunch, we celebrated a few birthdays by cutting a few delicious cakes, and as the tradition goes, I fed each birthday boy/girl some cake. We also took a few group pictures after I was given a facility tour, including touring the children’s bedrooms. It was a memorable visit, and we are all sad to say goodbye. Although we just met, there’s a feeling of closeness and mutual affection. I know I will keep coming back, which gives me some solace for leaving them. I’m determined to help these children thrive and pursue their dreams.

Thank you to all my friends who have joined me on this journey.

May the blessings of love continue to pour on us from the Divine!

Dian Alyan – Kuala Limpur July 2022



Current Need

At GiveLight we invest in the long-term success of our children. We feed not just their bodies, but we nourish their minds and spirits.

Our commitment for this partnership is $50,000/year, which covers everything a child needs for that year including food, clothes, shoes, books, private tutoring, medical expenses, and Eid Gifts. We are looking for 50 sponsors who can contribute $80/month or $1000/year.


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