Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Our girls enjoying happy moments in Bangladesh home after doing yoga with Ummi (mother) Dian.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Bangladesh. I am a medical doctor by profession. I worked in several countries during my career including Bangladesh, Zambia, South Africa and Australia in various medical roles. I also briefly lived in Canada. I have been working as a general practitioner in Australia since 2002.

2) How did you find out about our organization, all the way from Australia?

I did some Internet search late in 2018, mainly to make a donation to an institution that cares for orphans in Bangladesh.

3) Why did you decide to donate to our cause? The amount was significant and you do not know us personally?

I looked into the projects and activities of GiveLight Foundation and made contact with the CEO Dian Alyan. I was convinced that the organization is run by dedicated people who are honest and have a similar ethos which for me is the attainment of the pleasure of Allah SWT by serving humanity. The reason for donating for the care of orphans was that they are the most vulnerable in our society. In addition, our prophet Muhammad (Peace be onto him) was an orphan and encouraged all Muslims to care for orphans. This instruction is also explicit in the Qur’an. Although, I did not know Dian or anyone from GiveLight Foundation personally, once I made contact with Dian and had a look at the activities of the foundation, I was convinced that it is a worthy organization to receive the donation.

4) What are the important parameters for you in selecting which organization to trust?

The main issue was the governance of the organization and its structure. There must be honest and dedicated people are at the core of an organization that does such humanitarian work. Without people who are practicing Muslims who are guided by their fear of Allah (Takwa), such organizations cannot possibly run effectively. I was convinced that GiveLight Foundation is run by dedicated people and I was able to contact the CEO and exchange emails with her about my plans. She was responsive and it gave me great confidence about the foundation.

5) Do you plan to visit our GiveLight home in Bangladesh?

I plan to visit the home in Bangladesh, sometime in the future, InshAllah.

6) What are your wishes and advise for our children?

My advice for the children growing up the homes run by GiveLight is that they should maximize their learning of the Deen of Islam and practice it to the best of their abilities. Teach Islam to their children and make them good Muslims. We all live in this world for a short period, some live longer than others, some are healthy and some are sick, some have wealth and some have none, despite all that it is still a very short like compared to the afterlife that is yet to me. To achieve success in the hereafter we must lead our lives as good practicing Muslims. I wish the children have a good and happy upbringing and it remains a positive experience for them. We cannot replace their loss but at least we can try our best to give them a good and a happy home.

It goes to show that the human heart is inherently beautiful and it recognizes beauty in actions. Thank you Muhammad for sharing your blessings with our children in Bangladesh. We look forward to welcoming you in our home one day soon.

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