Walk For Syria/Turkey.


Meet Arie Quick, one of our passionate supporters. Arie was born in Indonesia and moved to the US in 2004. From a young age, she was drawn to philanthropic work. Hence, when she met Dian through a mutual friend, she knew that she wanted to be involved in the GiveLight cause. She believes in the mission and vision of GiveLight so much that she has organized and hosted many fundraisers throughout the years.


This year alone, she has organized three fundraisers. On pre-Covid February 29, she hosted her biennial Indo Feast (also known as World Cuisine in 2016 and 2018, with both raising around $2,000) in her home. A group of talented Indonesian ladies got together to cook a feast of scrumptious Indonesian food. Due to space confinement, the invitation is extended to 35 people. Each person pays a starting donation of $25, some donate more. It is a wonderful gathering full of delicious food, auction, everyone wearing colorful Batik clothes, laughter and so much joy. Everyone leaves with an extra packet of the meal, some also make donations for the extra packet. With the generous donations of all who attended, Arie raised over $2000. Previously, In 2016 and 2018, she hosted similar events but also included Karaoke for entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the event and the view of her house, which was perched on top of a hill in Dublin, California.


Arie loves to fundraise for our GiveLight children; when her Quran group finished reciting the Quran (Quran Khatem), they celebrated by donating money. What a creative and inspirational way to end a righteous deed by beginning a new one. She raised $200.

Last but not least, Arie wanted to celebrate her birthday by doing online fundraising via Facebook. Her family and friends from around the world donated $1500 to our children. Her motivation behind the FB fundraising is that she feels it is important to not only raise funds for causes that you believe in but also to promote and educate others about those causes.


Arie participates in marathons, learning circles (halaqas), and is a member of a local biking club. Her hobbies include camping, hiking, and conducting cooking and sewing classes via zoom. She lives with her family in the Bay Area. Through the GiveLight fundraisers, not only did she manage to raise close to $6000, she has formed beautiful friendships, and these, among other reasons, are what motivates her to continue her work in philanthropy.

Thank you Arie for being a part of our growing GiveLight community. May you be blessed for your generosity.

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