Walk For Syria/Turkey.


Here’s a beautiful account from Farah and Shamel who created a wedding registry exslusively for GiveLight.  


1. How did you first hear about GiveLight?

We first heard about GiveLight Foundation from a friend at MIT who had been volunteering for the organization. We learned about the amazing work GiveLight Foundation has been doing to support children across the world. Shamel also volunteered for Skype lessons to teach mathematics for sometime and really enjoyed the experience.  

2. What inspired you to support our work in such a personal way?

GiveLight foundation’s growth has been well reflected by their smiling children who have been achieving academic and personal success – we are inspired by all the good GiveLight is doing and would like to see it grow and support every orphan unable to support themselves.  

3. How did your family and friends react to the idea?

Our family and friends welcomed the idea. Our parents have always encouraged us to give back to the community and what better way then to support the next generation. We sincerely thank our friends and family for making it to New Jersey on our big day and for their generous contribution towards a cause we strongly support.

4. Did you have a goal as to how much you were hoping to raise?

Honestly, the thought of a “goal” never crossed our mind as we were setting up our wedding website. It was rather the sense of awareness that we wanted to bring forward with this effort. While we are so busy taking so much in life for granted there are those who are not sure if they have enough for their next meal.

5. How did you feel when you know that so many orphans benefited from your generosity?

We are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to be able to influence and support the lives of so many children. We hope we can keep supporting GiveLight in the future.  


Thank you Farah and Shamel for sharing this with us! We thank you, our children thank you! We pray that God blesses you with a lifetime of happiness. Your generosity is an inspiration to us all. 


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