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After the earthquake in Nepal in 2014, we felt compelled to help children who were left behind. Our research led us to Ama Foundation – a small but thriving foundation that shares our passion and philosophy of helping orphaned children. With your generosity and a beautiful and trusted partnership with Ama Foundation, we have already started sponsoring 10 children.


Age 11, (Rosina's brother)


Age 11, (Rosina's brother)

Current need

We have been sponsoring 10 children at Ama Ghar in Kathmandu since 2016. Recently, we added 5 more children and we support them at $30/month/child. Our goal is to support more children in Nepal and we hope eventually sponsor 100 children if not more.

Volunteer Account

We would like to introduce Rob Sanders, one of Ama Foundation’s long-time volunteers and supporters. Rob visits the home in Kathmandu – Ama Ghar – every year and has developed personal bonds with the children. He has affectionately been named “Rob Brother” or “Rob Uncle” by the children he has spent time with. On his recent trip to Ama Ghar, he wanted to do something special for our “alumni” – the older kids who have moved out of the house but miss their Ama Ghar brothers and sisters immensely. Rob took the entire group trekking in Pokhara and the children had a fantastic time.



GiveLight is now in the Himalayas! We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ama Foundation (AF).