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GiveLightAnchors 250X188We are thrilled to launch our new project called GiveLight Anchors. 

GiveLight Anchors are those who are truly passionate about our cause and whose support is sustained over a long period of time, either through volunteering, advocating/championing for the cause, and/or making financial contributions. 

Wawa-wee 250x188Meet Nadia Khan. A homeschooling mom of four children, who had her hands full even before launching this business venture.  Two years in the making, the idea became a reality by way of divine intervention as several important parts of her life converged.

BlankOfLoveTurkeyVisit 250x188It is with deep gratitude to God and all of you that we announce the amazing results of our collective generosity. We wrapped up our “Blanket of Love” campaign with the astounding amount of $105,000, allowing us to buy more than 13,000 blankets!

PBCTrophyShot 250x188Earlier this summer, Paypal held its third Annual Business Challenge and invited more than a dozen non-profit organizations in the Bay Area to participate in the program. Givelight made it to the list of selected organizations. Paypal assigned six of its top technologists to work on our technical challenges and we decided to focus on two projects that have the greatest impact, which includes improving the appeal of our online presence and the donation flow. In November, the judges nominated GiveLight as the winner of the 2015 PayPal Business Challenge in San Jose!

MIT-to-WorldLast April, our founder Dian Alyan had the honor and privilege of speaking at MIT and sharing the work we are doing to build beautiful homes and futures for orphans worldwide. She received a very warm welcome and everyone in the audience showed a keen interest in helping out. All expressed a willingness to do something.

TeaPoetryCharityOne of our September events in Half Moon Bay combined Tea, Poetry and Charity to celebrate the friendship of the GiveLight community, and to raise generous donations that will feed eleven children for two months.  Sabina Khan-Ibara shares her account of the afternoon...

WorldCuisine6 5Earlier this year we launched a new and innovative idea to bring our supporters together.  The idea centers around gourmet food, friendship and our desire to give and help. Ten chefs prepare food from various countries and bring their signature dishes to the event. The host only needs to provide space and create a pleasant ambiance. We invite 30-40 guests and suggest a $30 contribution of which 100% goes towards nourishing a child for the whole month. We have done six events so far, each with a different flair but the same unified purpose; how can we find unique ways of giving that creates a deeper personal connection to the cause.

Ramadan2015ThankYouDuring Ramadan, we initiated small campaigns through social media, our website and community mosques to raise awareness about our work and remind our supporters to “save the date” for our 10th Anniversary Celebration on November 21st, 2015. In lieu of fundraising events, we focused on being present and reminding our audience of our efforts and our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

GlobalCuisineCakeShotDear Friends and Supporters of GiveLight,

The warm breezes and wondrous glowing light of summer days are upon us. We are excited to share with you wonderful news about our children and the projects we undertook since our last newsletter.

RamadanThere are a few simple ways you can make this Ramadan a truly blessed month for our children.