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Syrian Orphan ChildrenThis winter, we invite you to send your #warmhugs to Syrian orphans. If we feel cold in our comfortable homes with our family, imagine how harsh winter can be in torn huts with no heaters and proper clothing. As we bundle ourselves and our kids, let us send a little love to children who need them the most. For a cost of your lunch, at $15 you can sponsor a jacket, socks, a cap and a pair of gloves for a child.

givelight children orphans alfin azhari familyWe first met Alfin when he was eleven years old.  He had just lost his beloved parents and a younger sibling in the deadly tsunami of 2004.  After spending just a few minutes with him and listening to his words, we knew immediately that he had great potential.  Since then, we have supported Alfin in his education from middle school until he graduated from the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo.   

givelight children orphans walkathon awardsIt was a crisp fall morning in October. The air was fresh and clean which was a blessing as another walkathon organized by UNWRA a week prior had to be cancelled due to bad air quality from the fire in the North Bay Area.  Our core team who had been working hard for months to plan the event arrived on site at the crack of dawn, excitedly anticipating a beautiful morning. 

givelight children orphans morocco orphanage homeWe are excited to share with you that our home in Oujda, Morocco is getting closer to completion. 

givelight-children-orphans-achievements-samhaSamha arrived at our first home in Aceh at the tender age of nine.  Since day one, it was obvious that she is a winner with great potential. A few weeks ago, we received the happy news that she won third place in the National Quran Recitation Competition held in East Java!

givelight children orphans global bistro 2017It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the midst of spring; the flowers were in full bloom as were our hearts. Since the crack of dawn, GiveLight’s core team members had been excitedly exchanging texts, planning out the final details of our annual Global Bistro event. As we parked our cars and walked through an open courtyard with an enormous, majestic oak tree, we knew it would be a lovely day.

givelight children orphans syria january 2017Our founder Dian and seven of the GiveLight team members traveled to the Syrian border in early January. Read on for her personal account.

givelight children orphans dian capetown south africa groupOn December 28th, founder Dian Alyan, had the honor deliver the keynote address at a Public Awareness Event in Capetown.