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givelight-children-orphans-southern-california-socal-dian-alyan-culinary-journeyThe evening of the GiveLight dinner in Claremont, California was bustling with excitement as the Southern California GiveLight Team eagerly awaited their guests. The team had been preparing for this September 30th dinner since the end of spring, and now the time had come to introduce GiveLight to an entirely new group of interested individuals.

givelight children orphans pakistan partnership tcf citizens foundation school scholarshipWe are excited to share the great news that we have formed a partnership with The Citizen Foundation (TCF) to provide a brighter future for 200 orphans in Pakistan.  

givelight children orphans jeremy mclellan socalThe room packed with more than 200 odd attendees, both seated and milling about along the aisles is abuzz with excitement. GiveLight Foundation is kicking off the new year with some much-needed laughs with our favorite comedian, Jeremy McLellan.

givelight children orphans africa morocco woodworkIf you have read the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo or watched its Broadway show, you might remember the theme song sung by Cossette, the main character in the story, who is an orphan. She dreams of having a family who loves her in a nice home that feels like a castle on a cloud. Similarly, we dream of a home for our children in Morocco and we are excited to announce that it is nearing reality!