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givelight-project-inspire-2Dian Alyan recently spoke with Borgen Magazine about her journey with the GiveLight Foundation and her life's mission to help orphans all over the world. The Foundation's mission is to build and maintain beautiful homes while also providing long-term, high-quality education to orphan children.

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In March 2009, Ameena and I met at Dian’s home for a Givelight BBQ when our daughters Sarah and Imaan were six months old. Little did we know that our meeting would blossom into a treasured friendship, not just the mom’s but our daughters too. Our prayers and hopes for our daughters have always been to be a good human being and to help those in need.

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It was Wednesday, September 8, 2021- The seven of us meet for the first time, men and women, bright and early (read 9 am for Cairenes), at a coffee shop in New Cairo.  We were a mix of local Egyptians and visiting Egyptian-Americans. We had never met before, and in fact, only one of us had ever met Dian, the founder of Give LIght, in person.  What brought us all together was one thing and one thing alone- we wanted to be a part of the blessed work with the orphans in Cairo. 

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Meeting Dian in 2014 was the start of a beautiful friendship rooted in love and service. I learned of Givelight's story on a cold San Francisco day; of beauty built from heartache, and the mercy that permeates every part of her life's work.

RequestforProposalcoverGiveLight Foundation is inviting qualified organizations to apply for grant partnerships to expand our mission. Let’s work together to create beautiful futures for more orphans around the world. Here’s the process.

LoveLettertoGLChildrenCover2021 was the year I was going to turn 50 and take a long-awaited trip to Greece and the islands. As it happened, 2021 started with much uncertainty due to the lingering presence of Covid 19. We were all still working from home and praying for protection and relief from the pandemic for our families, friends, and people around the world. 

givelight-globalwalkarticlecoverThe past year has had its fair share of missed opportunities, canceled plans, and bumps in the road. What is truly amazing, however, is the resiliency displayed by those who are willing to think creatively and adapt to this new world we all find ourselves in.

givelight-orphans-mygivelightjourney-sweetpartnersIn a nutshell, the month of Ramadan is a time of introspection, self-reflection, family, community, and an increase in acts of worship, such as charity and being more compassionate.


The month of Ramadan, filled with bliss and abundant blessings, presents us with an opportunity to maximize our good deeds. One of such acts which all Muslims are encouraged to perform in excess is kindness and charity. 

givelight-quran-competition-2021-4-1This past year, Givelight hosted two virtual Quran competitions for the children and young adults living in their homes. The first, held during Ramadan focused on tilawa (reading of the Quran), while the second competition centered around memorization. 55 participants ranging from elementary-aged to college students took part in the competitions, representing Givelight homes all over the world, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Morocco.