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In March 2009, Ameena and I met at Dian’s home for a Givelight BBQ when our daughters Sarah and Imaan were six months old. Little did we know that our meeting would blossom into a treasured friendship, not just the mom’s but our daughters too. Our prayers and hopes for our daughters have always been to be a good human being and to help those in need.

Our 13 year old daughter, Imaan, has always had a passion to help orphan’s as we adopted her from Pakistan in 2008 and she knows and understands that not all orphans get the chance to be adopted. When she was five she created a crowd funding campaign for another non-profit to raise funds for orphans in Karachi, Pakistan to receive new clothes for Eid. She raised $4,000 in her first campaign and went on to run two more campaigns.

Sarah was introduced to GiveLight back when she was six. She had the opportunity to participate in the GiveLight art contest and understood the concept of giving and empathy. Fast forward seven years she recently made welcome baskets for refugee kids and was very keen to fundraise for GiveLight and give back to the orphans.

When Dian approached Ameena and I about the girls hosting an event for Givelight, we knew right away this would be a good project for them! Sarah and Imaan wanted to host a party where Middle School and High School girls could hangout, “let their hair down” and have fun in a safe, adult-supervised environment.

The girls decided on the theme and Sarah created the eye-catching flier, Givelight Neon Girls Party!

glowing black and pink party decorations

On Saturday, October 9th, Sarah and Imaan hosted twenty girls, of different faiths, for an evening of fun in a serene Parisian outdoor setting, filled with fun colorful lights. Guests were welcomed by Sarah and Imaan with neon fluorescent necklaces and bracelets. It was an evening for the girls to spend time with friends, make new friends and enjoy fun food and desserts, whilst learning about all the wonderful things Givelight is doing.

 A group photo after dinner

Dian had the opportunity to meet all the girls and talk with the girls about her journey, the tsunami in 2004 and how Givelight was formed. She gave an overview on various projects and how they can help change lives of the Givelight children.

Some of the party coordinators

Esma Ozgun, lead coordinator of Project Inspire spoke about this amazing program and how the girls can get involved when they are ready. Project Inspire provides online mentors that tutor children residing in Givelight homes across the globe.

The girls spent the evening under the stars enjoying each other’s company whilst raising money for this worthy cause. Imaan and Sarah raised a total of $1,000, which is enough to fully support a child for the whole year!!

cozy yard scene with a fire

Ameena and I are very grateful and proud of our daughters and pray they continue to dedicate their time to help those who are less fortunate than them. We look forward to many more fun and exciting events for Givelight.


“I was given this wonderful opportunity to help host a Givelight event for girls my age! I had so much fun organizing it with Sarah! The cherry on top was knowing that all the proceeds are going to orphans! I loved seeing the girls having fun and laughing! Thank You Khala Dian for this wonderful opportunity!” – Imaan Syed

“It makes me really happy to help others. So when Khala Dian gave me this opportunity to plan with Imaan. I was thrilled. I was excited that we will be able to have a fun dance party and help those in need. The theme neon seemed perfect for our event. I was excited to see everyone enjoy the night.” – Sarah Kantrikar

“The night of the event everyone was glowing, literally and figuratively. The night started off slow, with some food and some small talk. Then Sister Dian gave a moving speech about Givelights work and all it has accomplished and is still trying to accomplish. After the speech everyone headed to the dance floor where the rest of the night flew by with talking, dancing, and singing. No one was left to themselves. Everyone knew the songs and sang their hearts out. There may have not been any Karaoke, but we created our own. As the night ended, everyone was sad to go, but the friendships and the experience that was forged will leave a golden imprint.” – Sarah