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givelight 2022 news pain purpose 2

It has been three years since the pandemic started, with 2022 being the first year where Ramadan would be somewhat normal.

givelight 2022 news pain purpose 2

We are so honored to share that three of our children from GiveLight Aceh home have been accepted into well-known universities in our province.

givelight 2022 news pain purpose 2

In times of incredible hardship, we are asked to face our own mortality with a new light, a new perspective. There is no doubt that everyone will be dealt with hardship. What defines our character is our reaction to such heavy moments. It can be faith-shattering or a means to become closer to Allah.

In 2005, I had only known Dian, GiveLight’s founder, for 2 years, but in that short time, I had already learned how much love and care she had in her heart for others. 

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How do we inspire others without knowing that our actions are meant to bring us closer to the Almighty? How can we help His creation and bring light into the world and inspire many to find purpose? This we may never know. This is the purity of intention.