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Quori Aulia (left), Win Ali (top right), Tsuraya Fitri (bottom right)

We are so honored to share that three of our children from GiveLight Aceh home have been accepted into well-known universities in our province.

1. Qori Aulia- Law School Univ Syiah Kuala

2. Win Ali- Electrical Engineering Univ Syiah Kuala

3. Tsurayya Fitri- Shariah Banking IAIN

Get to know them better by watching/reading their stories in their own words. Thank you all for your ongoing support and trust. These are the results of our collective efforts over a long period of time.

1) Qori Aulia's Video

2) Win Alin Munthe

I was born in Central Aceh on July 12th, 2003. I came to the GiveLight home in 2017 when I was in the first year of middle school. I still remember arriving here around 3-4 pm — it was my 14th birthday. I came to live at the GiveLight home because my family could no longer support me; my father had passed away in 2010.

In middle school, I participated in many activities and was involved in several student organizations. I was appointed as vice president of the student council, the president of Boy Scouts, and was also a class leader from my first to the third year of middle school. I participated in competitions and brought home many trophies from the competitions.

Some of my fondest memories include watching horse races, going to a waterpark during school break, and going on a field trip to another beautiful island for vacation.

In high school, I continued being a part of the student council, which I really loved to do. I also achieved 3rd place in Student Ambassador for National Order Security in Aceh. I have been invited to continue my higher education at Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh majoring in electrical engineering.

I was invited because of my achievements and activities at school. I will start university in August.

I'm very grateful to my GiveLight family for the love and encouragement to achieve many things. At GiveLight, we would sometimes forget that we are orphans as we didn't see any difference between us and other children who still have parents. I feel very happy living at the GiveLight home. The hugs, love, and affection I receive are endless. Thank you for supporting me in achieving my dreams and goals. I will not disappoint my family.

3) Tsuraya Fitri Nabila

I was born on June 6th, 2004 in Central Aceh. My father was one of the tsunami victims in Banda Aceh in 2004.

At that time, my mother and I were not in Banda Aceh, so we were safe from the disaster. I was only 5 months old and can't remember anything. I came to live at the GiveLight home in 2010, and my mother was offered a job as a cook.

I grew up in a loving home. I still remember when I was a young child and “Ayah," our father at the GiveLight home, took us to watch horse races on the weekends. He loved taking us on hiking trips to the mountains or swimming in the lake or the waterpark.

On the way home from the waterpark, he would treat us to fried noodles or other favorite treats.

During Ramadan, we'd go out and buy food for iftar with him. His love and affection will always remain dear in my heart.

I spent 12 years under the care of the GiveLight family from elementary school until I graduated high school.

By the grace of God, I will pursue a college degree majoring in shariah finance. I was admitted to the IAIN Lhokseumawe as an invited student without being required to take an admissions test. I will begin my studies in August this year.

GiveLight has become like my own family. Their love and kindness are priceless to me. I am so grateful and thankful that they always supported us in reaching our hopes and dreams.