Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Our Ambassadors
and Catalysts


What Defines an Ambassador?

For us, an ambassador is an individual who has exhibited an extraordinary passion for the cause of helping orphans.  She or he has done something beyond just writing a check or volunteering from time to time.  Someone who has taken an initiative to raise awareness, champion our work at companies and generate engagement in a very personal way.  

We are blessed that in our beautiful journey of giving light, we met many such individuals whose passion for the cause has helped our work flourish.  We are grateful and proud of their contributions. 

Meet Our Ambassadors


A catalyst is our trained spokesperson who can articulate our mission and philosophy well and who are invested in the growth of GiveLight. 

Find Out More

If you are interested in learning more about our work, inviting a catalyst to your community and/or organization, or becoming a catalyst yourself, please contact us at info@givelight.org . We look forward to hearing from you.