Walk For Syria/Turkey.


Our mission is to build and sustain beautiful homes and provide our children with long term, high quality education. We strive to recreate a loving family, a sense of belonging and strong identity/self esteem. We do this by making sure our staff on the ground has the highest moral standard and share our love and passion for the cause. We have family/relatives close to each home who go to visit often and unannounced. We also send volunteers from the US to stay at our homes and teach them different skills.

We encourage our kids to compete on the basis of their intellect but more importantly on the basis of their character. They all go to public schools so they learn how to integrate with the larger community. We provide after school private tutoring to enhance their education and give them a competitive edge. We focus on English, Math, Computer and Quran/Arabic.

Our first home in Aceh, Indonesia established in 2005, is a success story where the kids are growing up happy and thriving. We plan to increase our orphan sponsorship from 1,000 today to 10,000 within 10 years. 

Our oldest girl from Aceh home, Nursawami is now a working mother who gives back to Givelight. She was a recipient of a scholarship to a prestigious college and graduated with 3.8 GPA. Read here to learn more about Nur. One of our oldest boys, Mico received a scholarship from a Japanese Foundation with GPA 3.6. He’s on his way to become a Scientist. Read Mico’s story here. One of our oldest boys, Alfin Nur, recently completed his studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest University in the world. He graduated with honors in December of 2016 and is now working in Banda Aceh. Learn more about his inspiring story here


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