Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Our Model


GiveLight Foundation is focused on its goal of establishing well-run orphanages on a global scale. Our approach, however, is need-based. This method helps us identify the most immediate needs of the children we seek to support, and tap into resources to help us build a loving home & family for our children.

Our work focuses on their long term care and education, although in some cases we have rallied our community to help with emergency and short term relief as we did in the case of the earthquake in Haiti.

Our business model is outlined in following steps based on what we learned from our success in Aceh, Indonesia. 


Step 1

When a disaster strikes a region, we begin by researching which credible organizations are working on the ground.


Step 2

Based on our the findings, we narrow down our research to those organizations that meet the following criteria:

  1. Focus on helping orphaned children.
  2. Share our philosophy of making sure that 100% of funds reaches the children or as close as possible (some organizations takes 3%-5% for admin cost to visit children in remote areas).
  3. Our leadership team personally meets with the head of organization to ensure there is synergy and alignment in priority and work ethics.


Step 3

We then search for donated land.  Thus far, we only build our homes on donated land with the first one in Indonesia, second in Pakistan, third in Sri Lanka, fourth in Bangladesh, fifth in Cambodia and sixth in Morocco.  Our next project is in Pakistan again, where we have donated land in Lahore.

Step 4

Our Founder, Dian Alyan personally travels to visit the location and meet with the family who will be running the orphanage on our behalf. We create a “Memo of Understanding” (MOU) that outlines how we will jointly raise funds and manage our home/raise our children.


Step 5

We develop the project time line and agree upon a grand opening time. Active fundraising for construction efforts and furnishing begins.


Step 6

We identify leads for staff and select the most qualified based on skills and character.  This includes father/mother for the kids, a cook, a night guard (if situation warranted), treasurer and secretary. 


Step 7

When the home and the staff are ready, the children move in and with that begins our next phase of supporting their living and schooling expenses.


The most important thing
for us are the children

In all our homes, the children attend public schools (with the exception of our home in Bangladesh because there are no good public schools in the area). This allows our kids to integrate with the larger community and learn important social skills.  We do provide private tutoring to complement what they study at school in areas such as English, Math, Public Speaking and Arabic/Quran. 

Funding and the building are only part of the equation. The most important thing for us are the children. They must be cared for, loved and given the chance to rise to their full potential.