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The Bay Area is one of the most affluent areas of our nation. One would think that there is no poverty, nor orphans here. Unfortunately, there are many children in need in the United States. Some orphans were introduced to GiveLight through our own supporters. We provide them with scholarships, mentors, and various enrichment activities, such as trips to see snow, dining out, and picnics at the beach. The GiveLight Foundation sponsors 13 orphans who reside in the Bay Area of California. They are orphans who came from overseas as refugees. We took them under our wings by giving them a better education and providing social support.



givelight-bay-area-children-orphans-sharing-a-meal“Project and Progress” was launched in October 2010 with 10 orphans. The mission of this local project is to provide our orphans with solid consistency in their education and to foster their social, physical, and emotional development by providing a nurturing learning environment. This group of deserving orphans supported by this program range in age from three to 23.

Through this local project, we hope to provide full scholarships from kindergarten through high school, as well as junior college. The funds for this project will include: providing tuition costs, school materials and supplies, field trips, uniforms and shoes, and hot lunches daily during the school year.  




  • Fundraising - April 2010
  • Project launched - October 2010
  • 10 children sponsored - Jan 2011
  • Mentorship project was launched - Jan 2011
  • 5 caring individuals began mentoring 6 children - June 2011

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The children previously used to struggle in public school and are now doing well academically and emotionally attending a Private School in Sunnyvale. In addition to the educational support, the local orphan project also includes social development activities and a mentorship program. The mentorship program, currently guiding 5 children, provides each orphan with a positive, adult role model to build a relationship with, similar to the Big Brother and Big Sister program. Seeing the positive impact this program has had on the kids, our plan is to extend this service to all local orphans.


Current need

We wish to raise scholarships for all local orphans. It takes $5000 to sponsor one child’s education for a year. Please sponsor any amount between $1000 to $5000 for a child.


Future goal

We aim to send all these kids to college. Please donate generously.

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