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Banda Aceh, Indonesia suffered catastrophic damage as a result of the tsunami that struck on the 26th of December in 2004. GiveLight Foundation came into existence with the hope of helping the orphans of the tsunami. Today, we have 40 children in our first home, some of whom have graduated and are on their way to college. We are also sponsoring 20 more children who are living with poor relatives or single mothers. 

Nestled in Takengon, a beautiful lake resort town in Aceh, Indonesia is our very first built orphanage called "Yayasan Noordeen". Noordeen Foundation is home to 50 boys and girls. We also sponsor over 100 orphans in an orphanage in Banda Aceh and Meulaboh.  



The idea to build an orphanage and to focus on helping orphans was born two weeks after the tsunami of December 2004. You can read more about the story of Project Noordeen here.


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givelight indonesia children orphan dian alyanWhen we decided to build an orphanage, we dreamt to build not just a shelter, but a home, a sanctuary for the children who have lost everything. Dian and her family have visited the kids at the Indonesia orphanage every year since it started and feel a strong personal bond with each and every child.

Every morning they wake up at 5am and pray their dawn prayer together.  They all go to public schools and we provide after school education including computer lessons, English and Arabic.

At least once a month the kids go on field trip to the water park, the lake and they also get invited to many celebrations in the neighborhood. They have home-cooked meals that are nutritious. Some kids came in really skinny and after a year or two they look much healthier and some even chubbier. givelight children orphans picnic dian alyan indonesiaWe have a state of the art library with 2000 brand new books donated by a generous stranger who lives in Eastern Germany. The library has been named after him as "Roland Heatlan Library".

We have a teaching program in place, whereby volunteers from the US travel to the orphanage to teach the children English, Math, Science and Art. The volunteers stay as guests in the orphanage and just their presence lights up the world for the children. They are eager to learn from their visiting teachers and feel so special in their company.

givelight children orphans indonesia dian alyan

Read the following stories from some of our teacher volunteers.

We also support orphans who are living with poor relatives through monthly sponsorships. While the orphanage is a great place to live, no one can replace the love of one's family hence our preference is to keep the children with their relatives if they still have one.givelight indonesia volunteer dian alyan children orphans Our volunteers do frequently visit and monitor the progress of each child.  Every child that we support has his/her own bank account to ensure that no one else uses the funds intended to support them and their education.

Our goal at inception was to build an orphanage that was much more than just a shelter. We firmly believed that a happy home lays the foundation and reflects on your success in the outside world. As such, we put every thought into making it a loving home and a sanctuary for children who have lost everything. Today, just a few years later, we are proud to have our oldest orphan graduate with top honors, e.g., one girl graduated from college with 3.8 GPA and another boy got a scholarship to study science and technology.


Current Need:

The annual operation cost is $50K for the entire orphanage or $1000/child/year that includes cost for food, uniform, shoes, backpack, toiletries, and other living expenses.

The orphans living with their guardians are sponsored at $360 per year which is $30/month.


Future Goals:

Our goals are:

  1. Send all our kids to college once they finish high school.
  2. Sponsor additional children bringing the total sponsorship to 200.

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  • The 50 orphans moved into their new home - Dec 2005
  • The first home was built - Nov 2005
  • Ground Breaking ceremony - May 2005
  • Non-profit status from IRS - Apr 2005
  • Dian and her husband along with their two little boys travelled to Aceh - Mar 2005
  • Submission of IRS paperwork - Mar 2005
  • Dian's family donated the land - Feb 2005
  • The idea was born - Jan 2005