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Our New Home in Morocco!

Our home in Morocco is complete and full of light! We are grateful first and foremost to our Merciful Creator and next to all our generous friends. 


With many of our successful projects in Asia, the idea to reach out to the orphan children in Africa was born in 2011. We started with an idea to help in Sudan after the Darfour crisis but were not able to find a credible partner on the ground.  However, as we have seen time and time again, doors unexpectedly open when there is a yearning in our hearts to do good. Our door to Morocco opened through the personal connections of our team members and now our dream of opening a home in Africa has come into reality in Morocco. Read this to find out how the land and home came to be.

By the grace of our merciful Creator,  our beautiful dream for Morocco became a reality.  Our founder Dian Alyan along with volunteers from Capetown, Paris, Oujda as well as our children attended the grand opening on July 28th, 2018.

Below is Dian's reflections of a gathering, which leaves a permanent glow in the hearts of everyone who was there:

"The phone rang at midnight in Oujda, Morocco on Friday, July 27th. The voice at the other end announced that his majesty Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, would be sending me a letter on the occasion of the grand opening of our new home and that I must be ready to receive it the following morning.  Between disbelief and excitement, I found it rather difficult to sleep that night.  I kept thinking about how amazing and full of mercy our Lord is – He continuously blesses me and my GiveLight family in our effort to build yet another beautiful home"

To read and see more pictures of our magnificent grand opening, click here .


Current need

Our home is now filled with the sounds of laughter and happiness of our beautiful children. We have forty girls ages 6-15 years old under our loving care.  Our greatest dream is that each one of them will rise to their fullest potential and have a bright future. 


At GiveLight we invest in the long-term success of our children.  We take their hands from the moment they enter our home until they go to the college of their choosing.   We don't just feed their bodies,  but we nourish their minds and spirits.  You can join us by sponsoring the meals at $30/month/child or $360/year.  If you wish to do more, you can sponsor $1000/year, which covers everything a child needs for that year including food, clothes, shoes, books, private tutoring, medical expenses, and Eid Gifts. 

We thank you for your trust, generosity, and prayers. We look forward to sharing success stories of our children as they begin a new chapter within the loving home and family of our "Maison de Lumiere".


Light up the World: Profile of Bouamama about starting GiveLight Oujda, Morocco

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