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givelight-children-orphans-asia-afghanistan-250x188The economic crash in the Mediterranean country has impacted all sectors of its society. Children suffer the consequences of one of the worst crises in history in different aspects of their lives, but their education is seriously at risk.

givelight-children-orphans-asia-afghanistan-250x188We all have witnessed with horror the humanitarian crisis in Yemen where innocent children are the most affected victims. After six years of brutal conflict, over 2 million children have been displaced and millions lack access to food, water, sanitation facilities, and healthcare, are acutely malnourished, with thousands of under-fives severely malnourished and at risk of disease outbreaks, while attacks on schools, teachers, and children have had a devastating impact on access to education.

givelight-children-orphans-asia-afghanistan-250x188With thousands of children orphaned by successive conflicts and wars, the need for support is overwhelming. GiveLight Foundation has created a special campaign and program to provide scholarships for 40 orphans in Gaza.