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In Atulugama, an hour from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, stands our beautiful GiveLight Home. In partnership with AAM Marleen Foundation, we built this sanctuary for 60-75 children. The complex also has a free medical clinic, a vocational training center, a community services hall, and a mosque.

The architect who designed this home is renowned in Sri Lanka. The love he put into the design of this home is prevalent in his work. Dian spent a blessed time with our kids in the summer of 2014. Please read her account here.


Project Progress


The project was launched in June of 2010 when a generous family from Sri Lanka donated a 20,000 square foot plot of land to the GiveLight Foundation. The land is located in Atulugama, Panadura, about one hour from Colombo.

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  • Land was donated by family - June 2010
  • Dian, our founder traveled to Sri Lanka to formalize partnership - July 2010
  • Land identified and project inaugurated - July 2010
  • Raised $90K of required funds for construction cost - August 2010
  • Obtained Government permit - November 2010
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony- March 2011
  • Final blueprint approved by the Sri Lanka Government.
  • Home construction began - May 2011
  • Grand Opening - March 2013


Inside Our Home

Our kids’ ages range from 7 years to 13 years old. They attend public schools because we want them to integrate with the community and not feel isolated. We hire private tutors to teach them English and Quran. We have a live-in cook, a nanny, and a loving retired couple who fulfill the role of being father and mother to the kids. We stress that each child is treated with love and dignity.

The boys enjoy cricket, chess, and going to the beach. We are fortunate that one family from Australia is sponsoring a quarterly outing.  

Sri Lanka Home Inaugurated


Future goals

We want to ensure that each child has a sponsor and that each sponsor will be able to see the long-term impact of his or her contribution. We will send the child's bio and artwork, and if the sponsor wishes to, he or she can communicate with the child. It costs $1000/year per child to cover the entire living expenses of food, snacks, clothes, shoes, education, medical, private tutoring, and pocket money.  

By providing a loving home, care, and education, we help each child until he finishes college.  

Please join us in this beautiful journey of giving light!  

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