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GiveLight Foundation was driven solely by US volunteers up to eight years of operation, saving us more than half a million dollars. We were able to mobilize the diverse talents in our community and reached many important milestones without any paid staff. As we grew globally, we had to hire and develop our staff to ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality work.

Our volunteers consist of professionals and executives, stay-home moms, retirees, and students, all driven by the same dream: to help as many orphans as we possibly can.

We are blessed to have so many individuals who are devoting their time, efforts, and talents to make a positive impact on the lives of our children. GiveLight would not be a beautiful reality today without these dedicated individuals.

Founder & President​

Dian Alyan

Born in Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia, Dian Alyan has lived a richly rewarding global life as a brilliant student, world traveler, and highly successful executive at Procter & Gamble. After losing 40 relatives in the 2004 tsunami, she established GiveLight Foundation with a mission to uplift the lives of orphans worldwide. What began as one home for 50 children has now expanded to support over 1,000 orphans in 11 countries globally. Dian’s work has garnered humanitarian and leadership awards; speaking engagements at prominent universities, Fortune 500 companies, podcasts, radio and television programs; and articles in major publications such as Newsweek and Huffington Post. She loves being a mother to not just her own two boys, but to hundreds of children around the world.  Read her story as featured on Huffington Post here and watch her testimony when starting GiveLight here




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