Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Our family had the blessed opportunity to visit Morocco this past December 2022. Our children have been volunteering with Givelight for about a year now. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity for them to experience the Givelight home in Oujda. Their experience visiting Maison de Lumiere (Givelight’s orphanage) firsthand was incredible—it gave us all a whole new appreciation of the blessed work Dian partakes in. These homes are built with such care and Ihsan that even the caretakers reflect those prophetic qualities. Our children came back with a renewed sense of service and altruism and hope that they always carry on and give light to those in need.

My daughter in particular was very touched by seeing the all-female orphanage. She felt compelled to write to encourage other teens to volunteer and support this noble work. Her story:

“My brother Nuh and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Givelight home in Morrocco called Maison de Lumiere. We were greeted so kindly by the amazing staff upon arrival. The architecture of the building was incredibly designed with fine intricate Moroccan geometric details. We met all the 40 wonderful girls. We sang nasheeds and passed out gifts to them. The girls were so well-mannered and were such good listeners to their caretakers. Seeing their smiley faces brought tears to my eyes. Upon our departure they sang a beautiful Hadith (paraphrasing) even if you have nothing to give in return, give a smile and a smile is charity. I wish everyone could experience what we experienced it really made me reflect on my abundant blessings.” (Medina Ovaice 13yrs old
Bay Area, California)

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