Walk For Syria/Turkey.


GiveLight has been providing educational scholarships for 40 orphaned children in Palestine since 2020 in partnership with Middle East Children’s Alliance and Al-Amal Institute in Gaza. In Ramadan 2023, GiveLight co-sponsored a joyous iftar celebration for 1,000 orphans. Memories of these good times fuel our dreams and light our hopes for Gaza’s future. 

We all know how heartbreaking and devastating life in Gaza has become since October 2023. The question for us became, “what can we all do to help?”

After speaking with many partners working in Gaza, it became clear that emergency aid was the best initial response. As one partner put it, “You can’t care for orphans if the children don’t survive.”

GiveLight has since committed more than $90,000 dollars to support food security in Gaza. With the support partner NGOs, we were able to purchase and distribute 690 50-pound lbs bags of flour to feed an estimated 4,000 people for five days. We were able to purchase 311 large food parcels of locally grown produce for families in the south.

This Ramadan, GiveLight will provide more than 60,000 hot meals (over 30 nights) in Rafah, send 100 food parcels to northern Gaza, and airdrop 100 weatherproof tents to house displaced families in southern Gaza. None of this could be done without local partners on the ground and dedicated GiveLight supporters.

While our longer-term goal is to care specifically for orphans, it is impossible to do so at this point. Orphans or otherwise, we have to help all children to survive.

We are exhausting every possibility to directly support orphans in Gaza and will post updates as soon as we have a strong lead. Our immediate goal is to sponsor orphans once we can identify and locate them.

Our hope is to once again provide a loving home for those without family bonds and support those who are able to live with extended family in their homeland. We pray for the situation in Gaza to stabilize and that together we will reach hundreds of children.

Current need

We are continuing emergency aid - as the need is great - and working on plans to resume sponsorship of the most vulnerable orphaned children.