Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Pearl finds herself blessed with a life-long interest and compassion to help others. In raising 7 children, she was especially drawn to those with difficult circumstances. Pearl studied early childhood education and social work in college.


What about life inspires you?

Every detail in Allah’s creations reminds me and inspires me to worship and give gratitude to our Creator. Charity is considered an act of worship, so one way of serving Allah is through acts of kindness and assistance. I am especially passionate about helping children, as they are the most vulnerable members of society.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

Two years ago, I heard of 7 children whose mother had passed away shortly after arriving in America. After some inquiry, I found them under the wing of an angel’s care at GiveLight. I was compelled to help these children. What keeps me motivated is that I made a commitment to Allah that whoever comes along my path in need, I would help to the best of my ability, InshAllah.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

I am working with the local project team to help plan activities/events for social development of our local orphan children. Only Allah and the recipients of those I try to help know if I have made any difference.

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