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givelight children orphans morocco orphanage homeWe are excited to share with you that our home in Oujda, Morocco is getting closer to completion.

A few weeks ago, our volunteer Meriem Amghari, who was on vacation in Rabat, kindly agreed to visit and see the construction progress.  Below is her account.

“Our opportunity to visit “The House of Light” was preceded by much anticipation.  My husband, four children and I embarked on a 500 km journey to Oujda during an arduous heat wave for the privilege of visiting the orphanage’s construction site.  The local team greeted us with heartfelt warmth and hospitality.  The lead architect graciously provided an in-depth tour describing all efforts being invested towards the completion of this blessed project.

As I visited the building, it became evident that each step of the planning was done with a genuine intention to offer the best environment for GiveLight’s children.   The attentive elaboration of the living spaces emanated a devotion to providing a privileged setting that will nurture the girls on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  A home built with such sincerity will undoubtedly become a source of hope for some of the most vulnerable children in the region.  GiveLight has planted a seed of hope in the hearts of countless children around the world.  Let us join hands in making this a reality for the orphans of Oujda!”

~ Meriem Amghari

Click here to see images from her visit.  If you want to read more about the impetus and background of this project click here.
By God’s grace and your generosity, we have closed the funding gap to complete the construction.  We are now looking to furnish the home with high quality furniture that will last for 10-15 years.  We will also plant olive, almond, orange and fig trees in the spacious garden so that our children can learn how to care for plants and enjoy the fruits of their labor in a few years.  We will engage local interior designers to work pro bono to choose color schemes, fabrics, bedding, and lanterns.  The total budget required to furnish the home and garden is $40,000.  You can choose to give any amount, even $1.  For donations of $1000 and above, we will have your name engraved on the wall of our home. Click here to support this project.
We thank our wonderful friends for supporting this dream and we look forward to announcing the grand opening this winter, God willing.

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