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Transferring Knowledge to GiveLight Children 

With the spread of Covid-19 earlier in 2020, the world has transitioned to long-distance learning. Schools have substituted in-person classes for virtual Zoom sessions. As of now, most students are receiving education via their computer screens. 

What’s stopping a student from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka from joining the same Zoom call as a student in the Bay Area? The shift to virtual platforms has lifted barriers, and the implications of this are powerful. This was the impetus for Project Inspire, which was initiated in the summer of 2020. The project aims to open doors to educational opportunities by connecting children in GiveLight homes to volunteers from around the world. The volunteers consist of people willing to transfer their knowledge and experience to the GiveLight youth. 

By signing up for this program and sparing one hour per week, you can mentor children without stepping out of your home. It is truly an invaluable experience, where mentors form bonds that shape the minds of our children. 

While mentors are required only to commit to one quarter, or ten classes, they are encouraged to continue mentoring into the upcoming quarters as this will help develop the bond between the mentor and child. Each class is once per week and around 40 minutes long (plus preparation time). Volunteers are not required to have a background in education and can choose to tutor children in one of the following subjects: English, Math, French, or Quran. 

You need not worry about following a rigorous academic curriculum. Project Inspire is supplemental to the education the children are receiving in school. In most cases, kids are in need of improving their conversational skills by practicing with a native English speaker. Classes shouldn’t be just boring lectures on grammar either. For example, one past mentor chose to host a virtual baking tutorial, talking the class through the steps. Another mentor gave the class a tour of her garden, incorporating vocabulary words in the process. 

Perhaps you can help the kids with their enunciation of the Quran, correcting their tajweed. And if your expertise is in another subject — art or economics, for example — you may offer classes in these areas as well. We currently have a tutor hosting watercolor classes in Aceh, Indonesia. 

Full flexibility is offered to the mentor — it is up to you to decide how you wish to conduct the classes. If you wish for something more structured, however, we have a library of resources you can draw from, including lesson plans from previous mentors. We are also working with ZilLearn, an online learning tool, and hope to publish official courses soon (More on ZilLearn here). 

Project Inspire is currently implemented in four GiveLight homes: Bangladesh, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, with Morocco soon to follow. If you decide to sign up, a group of 3-7 children will be assigned to you, their grade levels varying from middle to high school (if you have an age/gender preference, please mention when applying). 

With your help, we can invigorate young minds. If you decide you can spare one hour per week for this endeavor, please apply below 




If you have any questions, please email us at glprojectinspire@gmail.com. Thank you. 


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