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Project Inspire

Building bridges beyond borders

Project Inspire is an initiative that strives to connect ambitious volunteers to orphans across the globe to provide them with mentoring and educational opportunities using long-distance (remote) learning platforms.

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Celebrating the start of our chapter in Lebanon!

In partnership with Homs League Abroad (HLA), a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief for displaced Syrian refugees, we successfully launched Project Inspire for orphans in Tripoli, Lebanon. The first class took place on July 27, 2021. We are currently providing mathematics, English, Quran, Aviation, and public speaking courses.

Progress Update

Hear from volunteers on how and why they joined this project, and how you can too!

Featured Mentors

Faiz Kamaludin

Captain Faiz Kamaludin teaches aviation in Tripoli, Lebanon. He has 29 years of experience in the aviation industry. He represented the Malaysian government in the National Astronaut Programme as one of the final four candidates for the 2007 Soyuz TMA-11 mission with Roscosmos in Moscow, Russia. He is also the founder of AstroX, a social enterprise promoting the knowledge of science to schoolchildren.

Malalai Olomi

Located in the Bay Area, Malalai is a writer, teacher and a Human Resources professional. She holds degrees in Social Ecology and Women's Studies, and through her activism aspires to educate about injustices whilst giving a voice to the oppressed. She enjoys spending time with people who inspire her to be the best version of herself. This includes the girls in Bangladesh, as she has been teaching them Quran as a Project Inspire mentor for over a year.

Sophia Mohammed

After obtaining her PhD in biomedical engineering, Sophia has worked extensively in scientific research. Early on Sophia had the opportunity to teach science at an inner city London school; she recognizes how, even within a short time, a teacher can open a child’s mind to possibilities they had never considered before. Sophia teaches English to the girls in Bangladesh, and finds immense joy in their enthusiasm and by helping them reach their full potential. She currently resides in Switzerland.

More About Us

Jennifer Omar is a California-based English mentor for Sri Lanka. Here, she is teaching the basics of English essay writing. She later gives an assignment instructing the children to write a paper about themselves. Through non-graded assignments and a stress-free environment, Project Inspire encourages and supports project-based learning, through assignments, story-telling, and virtual games such as jeopardy and Kahoot.

Cheyaan Jamal, a high-school senior, offers art classes to kids in Aceh, Indonesia. Shown here is one of the classes, where children are learning art through several mediums such as watercolor, pastels, and pencils. Project Inspire encourages mentors to foster creativity in students; in addition to Indonesia, art classes are also offered to children in Bangladesh and Turkey, thanks to several other volunteers.

To celebrate the end of a successful quarter, Givelight Foundation sponsored end-of-quarter parties in each of the homes. Here is an image of the celebration in the Sri Lanka home, where children enjoyed food, treats, and festivities, and partook in a farewell ceremony with their tutors through Zoom.