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As many of you may know, our long-term goal is to help uplift the lives of 10,000 children globally over the next few years. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership to uplift the lives of 50 orphans with special needs in Cairo, Egypt. This project became a reality after years of research and trying to find a credible partner on the ground.

Our new partner is a well-established and respected organization based in Cairo that operates four branches to house and care for special needs orphans. Their sole focus is on providing housing, special education, rehabilitation, medical care, nutrition, and other needed support for the orphans, ranging in age from infants to young adults.

We hope you join us as we expand our work to help these children gain some life’s normalcy and to generate smiles and create beautiful futures for more orphans around the world. We are honored to be working with the dedicated team. Our hope is to grow the number of sponsorships to 200 within the next few years. Read more about how the project came into being Click Here and for a reflection from our GL Cairo Chapter Click Here.

Current need

For $80/month or $1,000 annually, you can sponsor one child. We will send you a child-specific bio within 3-4 weeks. Please click below to support our children.