Walk For Syria/Turkey.


Our team of twelve, including our founder, Dian Alyan, traveled to Baja, Mexico to hand-deliver books to children at an orphanage. 

The following is a personal reflection from Dian about her trip: 

“Our team went to visit Ranchos El Ninos orphanage to pilot our “Books of Light” project. The Books of Light project combines two of my great passions: children and books. I know firsthand how reading can influence a child’s mind and life trajectory. We drove from Orange County at the crack of dawn in order to catch a bus from San Diego. We were excited to spend the day with more than 80 beautiful children of all ages and share over 200 books. The pure joy was visible in their eyes and smiles. We toured the orphanage to assess the facilities available to the kids. The Project Director of Corazon De Vida, George Perez, shared the story of a young mother who had left her 2-week-old baby at the orphanage. I felt the calling and decided to help the precious little angel until she gets adopted. I also felt inspired to do something bigger for the orphanage.”

Today, we are sponsoring fifteen babies and toddlers at the cost of $75/month, which covers food, diapers, clothing and and medical care. This is just the beginning and we look forward to giving more of our collective light in Mexico.