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A New Home Begins

Our newest home, Bayt al Jamilah (Jamilah’s House), opened in January 2024. We already have 23 children living in the home with two house mothers and a full staff!

The home is lovingly built in a traditional Pakistani style with red brick exterior and locally made blue tile accents. There are four connected wings that feel like smaller homes, each led by a house mom to give the children a sense of close family with a larger, loving community.  

The children enjoy a beautiful green yard for play with flowers and a vegetable garden. There is a trampoline, bicycles, and sporting equipment, so the children have lots of opportunity to play with friends between school, prayer, and Qu’ran class. The children attend a private school that is a quick walk from the home.  

Children are already settling in and seem quite happy. The staff is incredibly nurturing and helping the children overcome the challenges of their earlier lives with a secure routine and specialized care as needed.

The next step is to enroll the home to 80 children over this first year.  A GiveLight Multan chapter has formed and will be visiting the children regularly and supporting the staff with specific projects.   

If you are interested in joining the GiveLight Multan team, please email info@givelight.org.

Currently Sponsoring 408 Orphans

Education is a precious gift for anyone, especially for a child. Givelight’s mission is to help as many children as possible by giving them a loving home & education. We started a partnership with Citizens Foundation (TCF) in 2019 to provide a brighter future for 200 orphans throughout Pakistan. TCF is the largest educational non-profit in Pakistan, running close to 1500 schools, providing quality education to 220,000 students (50% of which are girls) in the most underprivileged areas of the country. 

group photo of some girls in uniform

Our immediate needs are to form two teams:

If you are interested in joining our team, please email news@givelight.org

chaotic group of smiling children in school uniform

Funding Needs

For $80/month, you can sponsor a child in the Multan home.

The need for orphan support in Pakistan is vast. For $15/month you can support a child through our partnership with TCF.

Here are some pictures/videos from the ground:

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