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givelight children orphan ramadan 2016The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us.  This is the month where we seek to come closer to our Creator by doing all acts of worship more intently and intensely.  

One of those acts are giving zakat and charity. There are over 20 verses in the Quran that talk about the importance for caring for orphans.  

“Verily we feed them out of love for Him, we do not expect from you reward nor gratitude”

(The Holy Quran 76:9) 


During this blessed month when the reward is multiplied many folds, you have the opportunity to do one or more of the following options for our children: 

1) Zakat. There’s no better time to make zakat contribution than in this month.  Once you select that your contribution is zakat, we will designate the funds only for projects that follow zakat’s restrictions. 

2) Sponsor an iftaar (breaking of the fast) in any of our homes.  Each home has about 30-40 kids with the exception of the one in Khaligong, Bangladesh where we support 300 children.  For $60-$80 you can sponsor an iftaar for each home. If you’d like to sponsor the 300 children, the cost is $500 for an iftaar. 

3) Eid Toy Drive. Last year did a special project for our local children. We asked them for their wish list and wrapped each gift with lots of love.  This year we plan to broaden our reach to include kids in foster home.  You may donate any amount and put on the note “Eid Gift for Local children”.  Alternatively, you can email us at info@givelight.org  to obtain details regarding how to bring a new toy to our collection center.

4) Eid Clothes or shoes for our global children.  Every Eid we buy our kids new clothes of their choosing.  The cost is $15-20.

To donate to any of these campaign please follow this link and put on the note which campaign(s) you are supporting. 

We wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Ramadan!

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