Walk For Syria/Turkey.


We are in awe of God’s mercy, which He pours down on us and our work through your hearts.  We witnessed unsurpassed generosity coming from places near and far; from London, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and almost every city in America.

Every time we receive a donation, big or small, we are reminded of how merciful our Creator truly is and how elevated the rank of orphans is in His sight.  We are grateful to you that you have chosen to give your trust and share our passion for this work.  You exceeded our expectations and collectively, with the generosity coming from around the globe, we raised over $100,000. This allows us to close the gap for Morocco and Cambodia projects, buy new clothes/shoes for our children and sustain our operation globally.

At the heart of everything we do at Givelight, there’s one word that fuels us to move forward and continue striving.  That word is LOVE; LOVE of our Creator, love of His creation and love of the noble cause of helping orphans wherever they are.  We consider ourselves blessed to be able to build beautiful homes, provide nutritious meals and high quality education for our children.  Through this work, we learn to love better, live better, give more and most of all we learn to worship our Creator better by dedicating our lives to doing something beloved to Him.

With hearts filled of gratitude and joy, we wish you and your loved ones a truly blessed Eid

Dian and the GL family.

P. S You can continue to donate to the campaign.

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