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Ramadan 2013 – Rain of Mercy


Under the theme of “Ramadan: Rain of Mercy”, GiveLight Foundation would like to launch a campaign in this blessed month to raise our community’s awareness about the need to help orphans all around the globe.

Listed below are a few things we encourage you can do to help our children this Ramadan. Feel free to implement your own fundraising ideas and share them with us. We’ll showcase your amazing efforts here to encourage others to join in. Let’s make this a very special Ramadan for the orphan children of the world.

1.  Get new Eid clothes/shoes for a child at $20
2.  Host an iftaar for your friends and family while encouraging them to give their sadaqah to support our work
3.  Give your zakah to GiveLight
4.  Share our FB page with your friends to help us reach 2000 likes by the end of Ramadan. Here’s the link to our page.

From a humble beginning of helping 50 orphan children in Aceh, Indonesia we are now supporting 800+ orphans in 10 countries. We are very proud that our oldest child graduated from College with 3.8 GPA, recently got married in our Aceh home and is now working as an Economist, a successful story that we strive to repeat for each one of our children. We recently completed our home in Sri Lanka and we are getting ready to welcome 40 children in our Cambodia home. Last but not least, we raised 90% of funds needed to build our new home in Casablanca, Morocco.

$13,674 so far. Every drop counts!
All of these blessings came to us by the grace of God and the generosity of our community, yourself included. Your contribution inspired us to continue to work hard in reaching out to more orphans throughout the world.

May you be blessed for your generosity. Ramadan Kareem!!

– The GiveLight Family

Donate to this campaign                                Let’s fill our Ramadan rain bucket to the brim!





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