Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Reema holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Calgary.  She worked as a Program Manager at various technology companies in the Silicon Valley for over 10 years and decided to leave the corporate world after her son was born in 2010.  

Reema is one of the founding members of GiveLight.  She currently resides in Seattle and is working on starting a GiveLight – Seattle chapter.

reema-qadryWhat about life inspires you?

I’ll start with my earliest inspirations: the Rocky Mountains which always connected me to the Majesty of God; the feeling of awe when seeing the ocean for the first time at the age of 15;  being in the service of others especially the down-trodden and less fortunate.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

Because there is no saying “No” to Dian Alyan ;). Seriously though, at first it was to help a friend, Dian, who was in a lot of pain and devastated by what had happened to her homeland when the Tsunami hit Aceh. But over the years the reasons have morphed and changed. After becoming a mother, the thought of a child being without their own mother is heartbreaking and unbearable to think about, really. This is a small way of giving back to show gratitude for the blessings in my life.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

I was there when it was just an idea so I know that every person who has touched GiveLight in the smallest way has helped to build it and make it was it is today. I’ve recently come back to GiveLight as a volunteer after a long hiatus to focus on other things that life has thrown my way and now, I hope to do what I can to carry forward the great vision for helping more children in need and building loving homes where they will be cared for and loved.

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