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givelight-dian-alyan-children-orphans-salmawani-samhaWe are thrilled to share with you that one of our girls from Aceh home – Salmawani Samha – has been accepted to the best University in Aceh.

She will start this September, God willing, majoring in Science.

She came into our GiveLight family not long after we built our first home in Aceh. A bright star, Samha clearly has all the traits of a winner. She is smart, polite, driven and she has won all kinds of competitions in not only her school but the entire town. She has saved money to buy a motorbike. We opened bank accounts for all our kids and she managed to save almost all of her pocket money and the money she won in various competitions.


She has memorized 9 chapters of the holy Quran and she reads it so beautifully. She won many Quran competitions too and plans to memorize 5 more chapters by the end of the year.

A few days ago, we received the wonderful news of her acceptance by the most prestigious university in Aceh. Thousands applied to this particular university, and only the best were accepted.

Samha is definitely an example for all of GiveLight’s children around the world.

Dian was with her when she received the news. As a parting gift, she wrote this beautiful letter:


My beloved mother, Dian
You are my inspiration and my motivator.
The sincerity of your love made me and everyone love you,
adore you and want to follow in your footsteps.

My mother, I really really want to be like you.
To be your daughter is a pride that equals none in my life.
To know you made me understand God and to thank Him
to learn that life presents its challenges
and that we have to face them to become the best.

My mother, this self has limitations to thank you for your generosity.
Only God, the most gracious and merciful can compensate your sacrifices.
I pray that He gives you much much more
than what you have given to us all.
May He answer this prayer.

~ Love from your girl, Samha June 30, 2016

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