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Sameena Chisty

Sameena is from Hyderabad, India and has lived in the Bay Area for the past 20 years with her husband and four kids. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in “Microbiology” from Osmania University and has done “Child Development” at Mission College, Santa Clara. Sameena worked as an office manager at IMRC in Palo Alto and is currently working as a part-time teacher at Granada Islamic School.

She first became involved with Give Light at a Microsoft Game Night, and has since been volunteering at various Give Light fundraising events, such as the Year End Gala, Bistro, Global cuisine, walkathon and is currently the lead of  Restaurant Campaign, “Blessed Meal”, in South and East Bay.

givelight-children-orphans-team-member-sameena-nargisWhat in life inspires you?

“The Act of Giving” inspires me everyday. We all have something that we can give; be it our time, talent, love, or compassion, everyone can do his or her part to make this world a better place. As a mother and teacher, nothing fulfills me more than seeing a child reach their full potential and find their own genius.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

I choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation as I have deep love and compassion for kids. I am greatly inspired by Dian’s passion and dedication towards orphans. In a world where everyone is busy in their own life and challenges, she has so much empathy for the less fortunate and vulnerable children, who have unfortunately gone through the trauma of losing their parents and in some cases, even hope in life.Every kid deserves a childhood where their basic needs are taken care of so that they can dream of a brighter future. If, by volunteering my time and talent I can make a difference in a child’s life, I find it very rewarding.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

Going forward, I want to continue leading the Restaurant Campaign and contributing towards marketing local fundraising events on Facebook, and will be trying to add new campaigns and ideas to raise more funds. I feel blessed to be a part of Dian’s journey and vision in providing education, a loving family, and beautiful homes for orphans.

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