Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Sarah Mehryar

What about life inspires you?

Kindness and altruism are virtues, truly admirable.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

From the very first interaction, I was greatly touched and inspired by the passion, the selfless dedication, hard work and sincerity exhibited by the people involved with the Organization. The cause is so great and close to my heart that sitting on the sidelines as a mere spectator was out of the question. I had to be involved! I had to be a part of  it!
On a daily basis, we enjoy our Lord’s infinite blessings and working with GL is one way of offering thanks and seeking His nearness and pleasure.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

I joined GL in Dec 2008. I volunteer with the GL ‘Sponsorship Database’ and Event Coordination i.e. GL Annual Garage Sale, Ladies Gala, Health 2 Light Campaign. I was the editor of GiveLight newsletters from Winter 2009-2010.

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