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Second Annual Women's Gala at St. RegisOn Sunday April 24th, 2011 at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California GiveLight Foundation hosted its second annual Women’s Gala.

The event was a true success by every measure.

Not only was the location simply beautiful with breathtaking views of the California coastline but also the guests, numbering a modest 35, were some of Orange County’s finest group of women.

They were from diverse backgrounds of race, religion and age and were there to be a part of an extraordinary event celebrating the work, spirit and future of GiveLight.

The event began with a warm welcome message from GiveLight volunteers and a fun, truly unique icebreaker game that had everyone laughing, embracing, and having a wonderful time. It set the mood for what lied ahead as the spirit of unity, sisterhood and warmth continued to permeate throughout the day.

The organizers went to great lengths to make the experience something truly memorable for all in attendance. Guests were given the option to select one of three options for an exquisite three-course meal, which included an appetizer, main course and dessert. The flavors were simply delectable and it was clear everyone was enjoying every morsel from the “ooh’s and aah’s” heard around the room. Dian Alyan, Founder of GiveLight, made sure to go around each table and check on every single guest to make sure they were satisfied with their meal; needless to say, she had no complaints.

After the impeccable meal, Dian Alyan, took to the stage to share her story and the vision of GiveLight. From the onset of her speech, the audience was moved. Her emotional account of the personal tragedies that she endured during the Tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 was beyond touching. Guests were instantaneously moved to tears and could be seen scrambling for tissue wherever they could find it. She continued to tell her story and the heartening details of the epiphany that led her to leave her high profile corporate job and start her life’s mission, GiveLight Foundation. She shared both the successes and the obstacles that she’s endured and through it all remained absolutely poised and graceful. She left everyone in awe of her commitment and inspired by her dedication.

She then invited her special guest and dear friend, Laura Ava, to the stage. Ms. Ava was another extraordinary woman with a very similar narrative as Dian’s. She too had worked hard and had much success in the corporate world but for personal reasons decided there was another mission that she was put on this earth to complete. The details of her work and how it led to the chance meeting with Dian in a remote village of Pakistan left everyone in awe and reflecting on the truly perfect planning of God. Here were two women from complete opposite worlds united together for a common goal, to help the underprivileged in whatever way they could. Laura provided wheelchairs and mobility to those in need and Dian provided homes and security to those without. Together they collaborated and over the years became close friends and supporters of one another’s work. Laura ended her speech with an incredibly generous donation of $12,000. This was money that Laura received as remittance to pay for her cancer treatment, but she opted to give it all to GiveLight, an organization she truly believed in.

After these two exhilarating and electric speeches, with emotions on absolute high, the audience was charged and left with only one mission in mind: What more can be done? The group was summoned to gather and discuss effective fundraising strategies that would not only help generate money to support GiveLight but also spread the word about this most important cause. It was such a wonderful sight to see each table buzzing with brilliance as guests came up with inventive, unique, and fun ways to do something, to take charge and be a part of this incredible organization.

Dian and the organizers really made their mark. For the first time, as many mentioned, they felt like they had attended more than just a “fundraising” event, but were actually a part of something and felt invested. Even those who had heard of GiveLight for the first time and didn’t know much about the organization before attending walked away feeling a sense of ownership, a sense of belonging to something greater than anything they could have imagined.

The lives of millions of orphaned children all over the world still hang in the balance, but GiveLight is on a mission to do everything it can to force a positive change in this world and give hope, give love, and give light to as many beautiful and innocent souls as it can.

To find out more about GiveLight or get involved, please contact: info@givelight.org

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