Walk For Syria/Turkey.

My name is Sheza Khalid, and I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I spent my early childhood years in Pakistan, before moving to Vancouver, B.C., Canada. After a couple of years my family and I moved to the U.S. I have been fortunate to live in four different states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, and Colorado, before moving to the Bay Area in 2018.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in microbiology and environmental microbiology. I also have experience working in research project management, and I have trained and prepared laboratory protocols for microbiology students. Allah has also blessed me with two beautiful daughters. They are the lofty amanah (trust) that I will be accountable for, so my goal in life is to do my best in ensuring that they understand and follow our beautiful Deen, Islam.

givelight-children-orphans-sheza-khalidWhat about life inspires you?

My life experiences, especially being fortunate to live in three different countries, have greatly informed my outlook on life. I have been able to live and work with diverse people from all walks of life.  Working as a researcher in a children’s hospital taught me to practice compassion anchored with trust. It has taught me to give back without recognition and that’s the greatest feeling one can experience. I appreciate how fragile life is and my biggest goal would be the reward of knowing that I’ve made a meaningful difference in bringing about change in these children’s lives. If not a significant change then something constructive.

Why did you choose to work with GiveLight Foundation?

I got involved in Give Light after reading about Dian’s mission and vision. After helping at the Give Light 2019 Global Bistro, I realized the importance of Give light’s work and that any part, even a small one, contributes to something much greater, which is impacting the lives of orphans around the world. I also strongly believe that our children need positive role models who can show them how their actions can bring positive change. Through example, I aim to teach them the importance of charity, benevolence, and giving back to the community.

What does Givelight mean to you?

I want to start out by saying that our time on this earth is limited so, GL is a means of benefitting my own soul because it creates a sincere concern for the security of others. Moreover, it gives me the opportunity to put forth my best efforts for the well-being of these children. GL to me is giving children hope/light by providing them a caring and enriching environment that allows them to reach their full potential and in turn have a brighter future. I feel truly grateful and humbled that I can do my small part in ensuring that collectively we can make an immeasurable impact.

What inspires you to keep working with Givelight?

As a mother, seeing children with no necessities or alone in deprived environments breaks me to my core. It would be an understatement to say it hurts, and I feel deeply when I see such vulnerable children.  Our dear Prophet (pbuh) was also an orphan. There is a well-known hadith where the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) says “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be (together) in paradise like this (putting his index and middle fingers together)” (al-Bukhari). This hadith has been my constant inspiration and has fueled me in times where I feel as though I have not done my part.

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