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Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world with no official government for years.  GiveLight has a long term vision to reach out to orphans globally and Africa is a priority.

GiveLight Foundation identified Somalia as our first entry point to Africa. Similar to Afghanistan, our work was fueled by the desire to help orphaned children who were victims of war. We knew we had to start small because of the on-going conflict and political instability there.


The project began in 2010. GiveLight formalized partnership with Read Horn of Africa and initially sponsored 100 orphans through corporate matching by Cisco Foundation. 



Since November 2010, GiveLight has continued sponsorship of 50 orphans (25 boys and 25 girls) in Somalia under the care of AF/RHA to whom GiveLight sends quarterly sponsorship. The orphanage is located in Burtinle, which is a small town located in the northeastern part of Somalia. All of the orphans get three meals a day and attend primary school. In addition, they also all have access to primary health care. The orphan children are happy and very grateful for the support they are getting from GiveLight.

In addition to that, last year GiveLight Foundation coordinated Qurbani for the children. The orphans were very pleasantly surprised by this, and are looking forward to a similar Qurbani every year.

Future Goal

We are planning to increase sponsorship to 200 children by end of 2013.

How you can help

Sponsor a child for $30