Walk For Syria/Turkey.



Cape Town is the Mother City of South Africa, located at the southernmost tip of Africa. It is home to one of the Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, which is surrounded by world-class beaches, lush forests, parks and hiking trails, indigenous flora, fauna, and well-known citrus fruits and grapes. This, while boasting state of the art buildings, malls, art galleries and museums, mosques, cathedrals, and shrines. It’s a city rich in history and notably cosmopolitan with a mixture of different cultures and religious backgrounds. It is also a city affected by struggle. 

From the early colonization by the Dutch and accompanying slavery to the infamous injustices of Apartheid and the ever-present struggle towards true democracy and human equality. This has left a legacy of inequality and division in the communities of Cape Town, which range from the affluent to the educated professionals, to the laborers and the very poor and homeless. This, in turn, has led to ever-increasing societal diseases like drugs, gangsterism, gender violence, and general moral degradation. As a consequence, we have large numbers of vulnerable children in need of care and protection, like orphans.