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After 7 years of hard work and many redirections, our dream home became a beautiful reality. 

We waited for this moment with such anticipation and finally on May 17th, 2023 the Almighty blessed us with a wonderful gathering of friends and supporters to inaugurate our new home.  Everything about the home and the children filled our hearts with so much happiness.  Truly, when we do our best and rely on God, he rewards us in abundance.

Read the reflections from Javed Muhammad one of our long-term volunteers, who traveled from the Bay Area to attend the opening ceremony, 

I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit Cape Town, South Africa to attend the grand opening of the Givelight Foundation Cape Town Home for orphaned girls. I met up there with Sister Dian Alyan, the founder, her son Adnan, a Givelight board member, and Sister Noshaba Afzal and her husband Naeem. It is hard to encapsulate our journey as there are so many dimensions to it so I will focus on three things. Blessings, love, and synchronicity (as well as in brief why I went).

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We are so grateful to our wonderful GLSouth Africa team for their dedication and hard work. We are especially grateful to sister Nasierah Saiet our Country Manager for pouring her heart and soul into this cause.  Here’s what she wrote.

“Assalaamu alaykum to our Givelighters

I greet you with the universal greeting of peace, unity, love, and light.

The past week has been a truly blessed one. An emotionally charged one with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to God the Almighty. It is only by His Grace, Mercy, and Generosity that we were able to finally, after 7 years of hard work, open our girls’ home here in Cape Town. The presence of our dearest sister, Dian, and our guests from California, Adnan, Noshaba, Naeem, and Javed brought much light and love into our home. They spent many hours playing and interacting with our girls and were instrumental in integrating them into their new home. Praise be to God.

We ask that you all keep us in your prayers that we are granted the strength and resilience to fulfill the responsibility of taking care of our children.”

To hear more from Sister Nasierah about the new Givelight home, click here

To read more about the history and background about our South Africa project, read here

We want to create a place of peace, love, and light for them to learn, play, and grow… a green environment with gardens and fruit trees and open spaces to play. Their learning will be holistic, incorporating the sciences, languages, technology, art, sports activities such as silat, karate, archery, swimming, and horse riding. Their emotional and spiritual well-being will be nurtured through play therapy, life coaching as well as teachings about morality and ethics. Their guardians and caregivers will be carefully screened and selected to ensure that they are nurtured in a secure, safe, loving, and wholesome environment. We invite you to connect your hearts to GiveLight SA and join us on this journey with our children…. 

Cape Town is the Mother City of South Africa, located at the southernmost tip of Africa. It is home to one of the Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, which is surrounded by world-class beaches, lush forests, parks and hiking trails, indigenous flora, fauna, and well-known citrus fruits and grapes. This, while boasting state of the art buildings, malls, art galleries and museums, mosques, cathedrals, and shrines. It’s a city rich in history and notably cosmopolitan with a mixture of different cultures and religious backgrounds. It is also a city affected by struggle. 

From the early colonization by the Dutch and accompanying slavery to the infamous injustices of Apartheid and the ever-present struggle towards true democracy and human equality. This has left a legacy of inequality and division in the communities of Cape Town, which range from the affluent to the educated professionals, to the laborers and the very poor and homeless. This, in turn, has led to ever-increasing societal diseases like drugs, gangsterism, gender violence, and general moral degradation. As a consequence, we have large numbers of vulnerable children in need of care and protection, like orphans.