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Stocks and
Securities Donations

Did you Know That you Can Also Donate to GiveLight Using your stocks?

 Thank you for your interest to grant a securities gift contribution to GiveLight Foundation (GLF). Your gifts make the work of building and sustaining beautiful homes for orphaned children possible. 

Gifts of securities may include publicly traded stocks, mutual funds, and stock in non-publicly held companies. To complete your donation, please follow the steps outlined below.

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Stock or Mutual Funds Held at a Brokerage Firm

  1. Contact the GiveLight finance department to inform of your desire to gift a securities contribution. We will in turn send you the “Securities Gifts form” to fill out. 
  2. Please complete this form in its entirety, sign and date.
  3. Send the original form to your brokerage firm requesting to have the stock sent via DTC (Depository Trust Company) electronic transfer to the account of GLF.
  4. Instruct your securities broker as to the quantity and description of the shares you want transferred to GLF.
  5. Provide your securities broker with the following information regarding GLF:
    1. Account Name: GiveLight Foundation
    2. Brokerage Firm: eTrade.com
    3. DTC Number: 0385
    4. Account Number: 6166-0582
    5. Tax ID Number: 56-2500794
    6. Finance Manager: Safaa Ibrahim
    7. Phone #: 408-805-5GLF
    8. Email: finance@givelight.org
  6. Send a copy of the form to GiveLight Foundation for follow-up, ATTN: (Treasurer).
  7. Keep a copy for your own records.

Securities at a Bank or other Financial Services Firms

Step 1

Donor should inquire at the financial services firm what paperwork is required in order to have the stock sent to the GiveLight Foundation eTrade account.

Step 2

If the firm can send the stock via DTC then the instructions above will apply.

Step 3

If the firm cannot, then the donor will have to request that the security be issued via a certificate. The financial services firm will be able to advise as to the most efficient course.

Securities are Held by You, the Donor

If securities certificate(s) are held by you, you may hand deliver or mail the certificates to the GLF office. A stock power and security release form must be signed and accompany the securities certificate(s) you are gifting.

Special Note* If donors are not individuals (i.e. a corporation, etc.) or if the securities being gifted are restricted in some manner, or if there are any questions, please contact the GiveLight finance department to discuss the special procedures that may be required.