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At GiveLight, we focus on providing high-quality and long-term education for all our children.

 When we started GiveLight in 2005, our goal was to provide a solid foundation from which our children could rise to their full potential, both in our homes and when they leave.

We are dividing these funds into two distinct categories.

1. Scholarship for K-12

While all our children go to public schools, we give them a competitive edge by providing private tutoring in English, math, art, music, and Quranic studies. We also do regular competitions such as our “Speech Competition,” “Math Marathon,” and chess, etc., which help build their self-confidence, ability to speak in public and to think critically.

100% of our children attend school and we currently provide scholarships for all of them from kindergarten to high school. The cost varies by country, but on average it ranges from $15-$30/month/child.

2. Higher Education/College

Globally, most orphanages will support children until the end of their adolescence, but at age eighteen they leave the orphanages and are left on their own. The outcome of this leads to broken dreams and unfortunate circumstances for many children. At Givelight, we are committed to supporting our children as they transition to adulthood, and to ensuring that they will be able to reach their full potential and find their own place in the world.

To do this, we have created the Higher Education Fund. This is an innovative “pay-it-forward” model in which Givelight provides a fund for children to attend college; when they graduate, they are to pay back this fund over time (interest-free) so we can continue to support the success of other children as well. We are proud to share that 15 of our children have graduated from college, and with this sustainable model, we hope to support many more.

You can make an enduring impact in shaping the lives and destinies of our children by donating to an existing education fund, or by establishing your own.  In a few years, more of our children will graduate from college, God willing, and we are providing you with an opportunity to be a part of their long-term success.

Here's the process

1. Choose a name for your scholarship fund. It could be your family name (s) or individuals who have made a lasting impact in your life. For example:

    • honor your parents who made sacrifices for you and helped you become the successful individual you are today.
    • honor a mentor in your life who put you on the path to happiness.
    • honor a teacher who believed in you.
    • honor your own precious children by setting up a scholarship to which they too can contribute to. Your children can learn from your example and continue on with your Family Scholarship for generations to come!

2. Determine if the fund is for Scholarships or the Higher Education Fund.

    • For scholarships, you can set up any amount either one time on monthly.
    • or Higher Education Funds we suggest you start with an annual commitment of $1000. You will get the bio and picture of the kid you are sponsoring. We will introduce you to him/her and he/she will be responsible to keep you updated on academic progress.

3. Once your scholarship fund is set up, it's time to reach out to your family and friends and encourage them to make contributions to your scholarship fund. You can continue to make contributions to your fund at any time to help it grow and reach out to the educational needs of as many children as possible.

We extend our gratitude to the following families who are contributing to this important project:

    • Abdul Hamid & Kosaur Beig And Family Scholarship, CA
    • Qamar Javed Family Scholarship, UK
    • LAANW Alhelmy Family, CA
    • YRS Family Scholarship Fund
    • Bismillah Scholarship Fund - In Loving Memory of Zahida Ibrahim & All Our Loved Ones
    • Rehman Family Scholarship
    • Samad Arastu Scholarship
    • Baby Zarina Scholarship
    • ZK Family, CA
    • YM Family, CA
    • MD, Sunnyvale, CA
    • IB, Daly City, CA
    • Anonymous donors

For more information and questions, please email us at

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