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Zakat, a vital pillar of Islam, is a means of purifying ones wealth for the purpose of ensuring the needs of the poor are taken care of. Who deserves to receive your zakat? Zakat can be paid to the following who fall into one or more of eight zakatable categories designated by God in the Quran (9:60).

  1. The poor
  2. The needy 
  3. Collectors of Zakat (i.e. GiveLight Foundation)
  4. Those whose hearts are to be reconciled (i.e. new Muslims and friends of the Muslim community)
  5. Those in bondage (i.e. slaves and captives)
  6. The debt-ridden
  7. In the cause of God
  8. The wayfarer, meaning those who are stranded or traveling with few resources.

Out of the eight listed above, orphans fall in the first and second categories. GiveLight will use your zakat donations to provide a beautiful home, food, clothing and an education for our children around the world. 

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